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CALL US FOR ANY OF THE ITEMS EXCEPT FOR OUR CD.   PLACE YOUR ORDER BY CALLING US AT 505-419-2938, BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 9-11:30 AM, OR CLICK ON “contact us.” Our physical Giftshop is temporarily closed until further notice.  Thank you!

NEW CRAFT -Unscented Paraffin candles are white and burn up to  30-35 hours.  Each candle is decoratively painted by a sister with a SPECIAL message.  The cost of $20.00 PLUS SHIPPING.  More designs soon to be posted.  Please allow two weeks to receive.

GUM_1 (two views of same candle) “Create in me a pure heart, O God”

IRIS_2 (two views of same candle) “Early in the morning Wisdom stands at your gate.”

BAMBOO_3 (note 3 views of candle) “For God alone my soul waits in silence”

ROSE_4 “Love is Patient”


ROSARY CRAFT:  The sisters are in the Rosary making again.  Contact us to place an order or call 505-419-3300. 

Cord Rosaries 19 Inches, come in various colors including BLACK, PURPLE, BLUE, BAIZE, OR PREFERRED COLOR.  ONLY $7 + FREE SHIPPING.

6 or 8 mm beads and Cross are made with olive wood ONLY $10 + FREE Shipping. We would be glad to take your order.  You can contact us via the web or call 505-419-3300.

The Rosary is to help us recall the main events in the history of our salvation! A SPECIAL GIFT FOR THE NEW YEAR – Large handmade wooden Rosary made by our Junior, Sister Lizbeth.  Extra Large 36” with big beads, natural wood, with cross measuring 4 3/4. Rosary Center is a silver medal of St. Benedict of Nursia. Limited amount in stock:  10 each of Dark Brown or Light Brown.  FREE SHIPPING.  Place your order by clicking on CONTACT US, then KEEP IN TOUCH. Thank you.

This CD of chants and hymns by the Benedictine nuns of the Monastery of Our Lady in the Desert includes ancient and modern selections.  Their “Journey of Trust” began with a gift of 40 acres of land in Gobernador, NM, through the intercession of St. Joseph.  Now the St. Joseph Center is a facility for retreats and conferences, a place where all can come to join us for a time of silence, prayer, renewal, and spiritual refreshment.
Choices include left to right: Grapes, Chalice, Cross, Church
HANDWOVEN BOOKMARKS $3.50 with FREE shipping
By purchasing the bookmarks shown above, you are supporting the mission of Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala, where Blessed Stanley Rother was martyred July 28, 1981.  Made with cotton threads and hand woven.  Size is generally from 8 1/4 x 1 inch.  Comes with a plastic cover.  CHOICES OF THOSE ABOVE INCLUDE: Grapes, Chalice, Cross, Church.
BookmarksHANDWOVEN BOOKMARKS $3.50 with FREE shipping
The bookmarks shown above are CHOSEN by color and handmade by a nun from our monastery.