25 Sunday in Ordinary Time – September 21, 2014

IS 55-:6-9  •  Ps 145:2-3, 17-18 • PHIL 1:20C-24,27A • MT 20:1-16A


Today I am using an old tree as an example of nearness.  My parents planted the tree shown in the picture 50 years ago near the house and it was such a comfort to have this tree for protection against the sun, and then of course the neighbors.  The nearness of the tree became a solace for the family as well as a thanksgiving.  Now the tree has been chopped down because of its disease.

Close by or being near we like to know that someone listens to us, someone comforts us, someone is always there with a helping hand.  And, we can’t forget a few of the bible notations such as “The time is near…,” which helps us be more aware of the kingdom of God.

Today’s readings of Psalm 145, “The Lord is near to all who call him,” is repeated here at the monastery for the Concluding Psalm on Tuesdays for Lauds right before the Benedictus.  We are in praise of God’s faith in us, who is at the service of all.  But we have to rely on him only, putting all our worries and qualms in the Our Lords care because he loves us and really cares for us and is near to us!

Let us remember this week and always, that God is near to us, we but have to realize that and be more conscious of the presence of Jesus in our lives that others are near and how we can be near or close to others. SK

Sisters on Retreat – Please pray for our community as we will be on retreat from Sunday, September 21-27, 2014.  We are very happy to have Fr. Prior Joseph Gabriel Cusimano as our guide this year, who is from Mt. Savior in Pine City, NY.  Please visit the website at www.msaviour.org/index.php 

Touch of Jazz by Lori & Friends 

Thank you to all who participated in our friendraiser  at the home of Dr. Francisco & Marie Colón, Farmington, NM, Saturday, September 20, 2014. There was a Presentation of Unique Jewelry and Framed Icon Prints by our Sister Elizabeth.  We were able to raise $4, 468.00, to help with our winterizing projects, which include the $18,000.00 for the recent purchase of storm windows.

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mb_picFrom Mother Benedicta

Blessings to you in the midst of our hot summer.  But though it is summer we are busy trying to prepare for the hard winter that will no doubt follow.  We are ready to begin Phase II of our three phase project to make our buildings more energy efficient and to cut drastically our need for expensive propane gas, our current primary heating source. We are putting in energy efficient windows in 3 of our buildings.

With the income from the Annual Ice Cream Social, we have nearly completed Phase I which is the super insulating of our buildings against the extreme cold of winter and the heat of summer.  The next step is to replace the low grade windows for high grade windows that will save us 20% to 30% annually in heating costs.  The total of this project is $18,000.  That means that each replacement window will cost $500.  They will be professionally installed with a lifetime warranty on the windows and the installation.  The installation crew is fully bonded and insured.

I am asking if you would consider sponsoring one window of this project which means a gift of $500.  This would be a tremendous help to the community if you can say yes.  The sponsorship can be made in one payment or according to your own schedule.   Feel free to contact us.  For your convenience you can click on “Making a Donation.”

Please know that we continue to keep you and all our friends and donors in our daily prayers.  Thank you for your prayers and support.

Peace and blessings,