May 20, 2018 – PENTECOST:  ACTS 1:1-11; PS 104:1,24,29-30,31,34; 1 COR 12:3b-7,12-13; JOHN 20:19-23

It always strikes me that when the time of Pentecost came, …”They were all in once place together…”  For me this is significant in the sense that they were probably in fear, going over what had happened to Jesus after the Resurrection.  Now they were supporting each other, guiding each other.  And together they were united as we can be in our homes, our schools, our monasteries.  Together something wonderful happened at Pentecost and we too, when we gather in faith, hope and love, can be re-united  to ground our beliefs.  COME, HOLY SPIRIT, COME, FILL THE HEARTS OF YOUR FAITHFUL!  God bless you.   SK

MAY 2018 Translation of the Latin hymn from the 3rd Century: We fly to your patronage, O Holy Mother of God, despise not our prayers in our necessities, but deliver us always from all dangers, O glorius and blessed Virgin.

Dear Friends,

May is the month dedicated to Mary, the Mother of God and our Blessed Virgin Mary.  Here at the monastery we sing this particular hymn, entitled “Sub tuum praesidium,” (your protection) every day after the Divine Office of None.  We also include a hymn to Mary right before the Blessing by Prioress Hilda after Compline.  Finally, as you know, the title of our monastery emphasizes our devotion to our Lady.  Mary serves not only as a humble model of silence and obedience for us, but also as a model of discipleship.

As a disciple of Jesus and Mary, please join us in thanksgiving, for another final profession this year, that of Sister Frances Nguyen, April 23, 2018.  The Solemn Monastic Profession and Consecration of Sister Frances was celebrated by +Most Reverend Bishop James Wall, Gallup Diocese and other concelebrants:  Msgr. Leo Gomez, Fr. Jeffrey Steele, and Fr. David Tate, and also Deacon Pat Valdez.  The festivities were held at the St. Joseph Center, here at the monastery.  The weather was almost perfect, with blue skies, and a little wind.  The Divine Providence group made a delicious meal and as always, we are grateful to Marie Colon, for the delicious rum cakes that she baked for this occasion.  Our friend, Carol, flew in from New York to be present and read the 1st Reading at the Mass.  It was a joy to have some of our local friends and many of the monks from the Monastery of Christ in the Desert, helping with the Vietnamese singing.

The Vietnamese Entrance Hymn, entitled “Niềm Phó Thác,” means “Trust in God.”  This hymn expresses that “Today your grace comes abundantly…help me to trust and hope in You.”

As Sister Frances takes this life time commitment, she is now a part of the formation team, teaching Lectio Divina.  Also, her assignment of Liturgy keeps her busy in organizing the music and she is very enthusiastic in helping the members of our community to sing with zeal the praises of God.

Please pray for us as we will have our second Canonical Visitation in June.  As explained in the July 2015, Newsletter, the purpose of this Visitation is to help the community grow in self-understanding, to recognize and acknowledge the strengths and weaknesses, to identify what should be corrected or eliminated in our monastic life and to help with the vision and values.

God bless you and your families and may Our Mother Mary intercede for each of you.  We keep you in our prayers.                              From the Sisters of Our Lady of the Desert

On April 23, 2018, we celebrated the Final Profession of Sister Frances.  The weather was very nice and sunny with a little wind.  +Most Reverend Bishop James S. Wall was the main celebrant, followed by a delicious luncheon.


And now, Father, we pray you:  set the heart of Sister Frances on fire with your Holy Spirit.  May the face of Christ shine upon her and may all who see her discover Christ’s presence in the Church.  Father, look in love upon Sister Frances, sanctify her and bless her.

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Pope’s Monthly Intention for May 2018:  Evangelization – The Mission of Laity:  That the lay faithful may fulfill their specific mission, by responding with creativity to the challenges that face the world today.

MISSION STATEMENT – The Monastery of Our Lady of the Desert is a monastic community of women in the Benedictine tradition.  We profess vows of stability, conversion of life and obedience.  Our primary mission is to seek God through a life of prayer, silence and solitude.  Our way of life frees us to give glory and praise to God, intercede through prayer for the needs of the world and hospitality.

St. Joseph, Pray For Us!